Tech Support Knowledge Tree – LinQvue / LinQ – Transmitter – Fault

To clear a Fault

Launch TeamViewer. Log in to one of the CMSs at the client facility, and confirm that the transmitter in question is displaying as a Fault.

If it is not in a Fault state, ask the customer for more details about why they believe it is Faulting.

If it is Faulting, ask the client if the ventilator is still plugged into the transmitter.

If the ventilator is unplugged from the transmitter, have the client press the white button on the transmitter and hold it in for 3-4 seconds. This should clear the Fault. Confirm this via TeamViewer and the client.

If this does not clear the Fault, go back to TeamViewer and open the LX Terminal. Keep the Terminal open while the client again presses the white button. Look to see if any activity from the Faulting transmitter shows up in the Terminal. If not, the CMS is not receiving a signal from the Transmitter.

Ask the client if they have new, unused batteries available (2 AA size for the Hammond black case, 2 D Cell for the double gang case)

If the ventilator is still connected to the transmitter

Magnet re-set on Double Gang cases

check the daily Audit report in Teams to see if the transmitter had low batteries before it Faulted.

Open the FileMaker database and create a new ticket.