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SAI Systems Technologies is a distributor of boutique compliance management software solutions. Our goal is to provide easy access to data to improve policy compliance, patient outcomes, and financial initiatives.


LinQvue® Respiratory Event Alert is a cost-effective wireless ventilator alarm annunciation and alarm compliance monitoring. LinQvue® REA eliminates the white noise from traditional remote, wired squawk boxes by utilizing wireless transmitters at the bedside. Alarm information is aggregated and displayed on easy to read monitors located throughout the facility. LinQvue® provides, audio, visual, and mobile alarm alerts. Alarm information is captured and is available for viewing in report form or in real time. LinQvue® improves patient safety, staff compliance, and the facility environment by eliminating unnecessary noise.


Eliminate the hassle and cost of supplying scrubs to vendors. Use Credentialing System to notify vendor

Security label identifies scrubs worn outside

Clean, packaged attire with security label supplied to vendor

Compliance reporting managed using VendorSafe software


SAI Systems Technologies Technologies is a distributor of compliance management software solutions. We seek to provide access to information to improve patient outcomes, achieve policy compliance, and successfully complete financial initiatives.

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