LinQvue BCT

LinQvue BCT® is an effective, easy-to-use solution that allows caregivers to monitor patients who are at risk of falling and/or require assistance with mobility.

Real-time monitoring
Our exit alert monitors notify caregivers when a patient gets up from a bed, chair or toilet seat. Sensors pads are placed onto beds, chairs (including wheelchairs) or toilets and connected to the exit alert monitors. The exit alarm can be set to sound with an in-room local alarm, at the Nurse Call station, or both whenever the pad senses the patient exiting. In addition, family or friends can pre-record a personalized voice alert directing the patient to wait for assistance.

This device will not prevent a fall or injury. Instead, it acts as a supplemental part of a facility’s overall fall management program.

Tracking compliance
LinQvue BCT® provides centralized reporting as a tool for management to inspect and manage policy compliance. Alarm activity logs are captured and stored for management review with our cutting edge iQ ReportsTM; administrators can review all alarms and response times for a designated shift, or a specific monitor.

LinQvue BCT® is completely wireless and easily integrates into the nursing staff’s normal routines. All data is captured through the normal operation of fall-monitoring equipment.

The modular design of LinQvue BCT® makes it affordable and extensible. Buy only what is currently needed, and add equipment as your patient census increases.

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