VentTrax is a cost effective wireless ventilator alarm annunciation and alarm compliance monitoring. VentTrax eliminates the white noise from traditional remote, wired squawk boxes by utilizing wireless transmitters at the bedside. Alarm information is aggregated and displayed on easy to read monitors located throughout the facility. VentTrax provides, audio, visual, and vibration alarm alerts. Alarm information is captured and is available for viewing in report form or in real time. VentTrax improves patient safety, staff compliance, and the facility environment by eliminating unnecessary noise.


VentTrax is quiet:
No annoying alarms outside patient rooms. Improved patient satisfaction with improved patient safety. Set audible alarms that meet your needs.

VentTrax provides compliance monitoring:
If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Real time, useful statistics available at any computer through the easy to use software.

VentTrax is affordable:
Buy only what’s needed. Add equipment as your patient census increases.


Design Your Own VentTrax Alarm System

  • Multiple Reader Boards
  • Room Specific Reader Boards
  • Centralized Strobe
  • Remote Strobe on Reader Board
  • Centralized Audio Alarm
  • Remote Audio Alarm
  • Audio Alarm Volume
  • Distinct Pagers

Alarm Compliance Management

  • Alarm Times
  • Alarm Location
  • Alarm duration


No Alarm Fatigue from numerous remote boxes

Easily Identify alarm location from up to 200 feet away

Ventilator clears, alarm clears, No wasted steps

Pagers display alarm location even in parking lot

Alarms are easily identified from ANY location in the facility


Expandable systems, add transmitters as you grow

No hard wiring required

Improved patient safety

Reduce facility noise

Comprehensive assessment tools to measure compliance and success


No annoying alarms

Discrete reader boards

Improved care

Improved safety


No Alarm Fatigue:

Too many alarms, constantly alarming leads to alarm neglect Noisy facilities reduce patient’s quality of care.

VentTrax is simple to install:

No poking holes in walls and running long cables.

Venttrax is state of the art technology:

Alarms are transmitted concurrently over 26 channels to guaranty alarm notification. UPS and watch dog technology guaranty the system is always running and fully operational. No computer to lock up or crash system.